By Thimo Koolen 1345135
#513110 Hello all,

Gatwick is one of my favorite airports in the UK to fly in/out from and the ATC is always wonderful. I have a question regarding the departures out of this airport.

Sometimes after departure, Gatwick Tower hands us over to Gatwick Approach, sometimes to London Control / UNICOM. What determines if an aircraft is switched to any of those? I wasn't able to find a pattern so far.
By Norman Blackburn 870575
#513151 Generally it's (from top to bottom):


The higher positions can cover those below so for example CTR could cover all positions down to GND and therefore give you your clearance but TWR couldn't give you vectors in the absence of APP or DEP.

In your case APP covers you from start to handing you over to CTR or from being handed from CTR all the way to the gate.
By Phillip Speer 854824
#513172 Most the departures from Gatwick will go straight to CTR from TWR (if online), the exception being the SFD9P which will go to APP. At Gatwick, APP predominantly only handles arrivals (the SFD9P crosses the arrival stream hence going to APP). If CTR isn't online then APP will handle departures initiallly.