By Kristian Perkins 1401219
#516600 hey guys, sorry to be a noob but. i'm struggling with xsquakbox on xp11. it tells me to go to aircraft and situations to allow more aircraft. where the heck is this?? it stops if i put ai traffic on but, i then have ai traffic as well. any help would be grateley recieved.
By Duncan White 1267983
#516620 The error message refers to where the setting was found in XP10 rather than XP11.

Just add 2 AI Aircraft to stop the message. (Its the equivalent setting in XP11)

When XSquawkbox is in the plugins folder, it automatically disables the AI Aircraft feature in X-Plane.

However for XSquawkbox to be able to display VATSIM traffic in X-Plane it needs a value of 2 or more in AI Aircraft.

I have always used 2, which works perfectly fine.

Its explained better in the XSquawkbox manual


XSquawkBox was not able to start up multiplayer visuals because another plugin is
controlling aircraft.

Only one X-plane plugin can control X-Plane's other aircraft at a time. If another plugin is doing
this, XSquawkBox will not be able to show visuals. This can also happen if you have two copies of
XSquawkBox installed. You cannot run with the IVAO and VATSIM versions of XSquawkBox at the
same time.


XSquawkBox requires the "number of other aircraft" rendering setting in X-Plane to be set to more
than one aircraft or it cannot display other aircraft. This warning indicates that your rendering
settings are incorrect. You must restart X-Plane once fixing these settings for XSquawkBox to work
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#529970 Hi Ryan,

have a look on the menu where you setup your flight. Above the type of aircraft you will find a button through which you can access the AI aircraft settings.