By Sean Harrison 870618
#367083 Does anybody know who is the administering authority for the Guam FIR (PGZU) which is enveloped by the Oakland Oceanic ARTCC.

From memory the old ZAK web site mentioned controlling in around the islands of Guam, but I didn't keep copies of the site.

Any ideas please?
By Tom Seeley 960263
#396038 All of those sites are pretty much defunct now.
Anyone interested in controlling at Guam, contact me directly: vatusa7 *
There is a fairly decent sector file available (VRC) and some basic SOP. I'm looking for a way to get a basic web source up on the VATUSA site.
Traffic in/out of the sector is on the order of one/hour ... on a busy day. 8)
By Romano Lara 1018198
#396305 A web page for Guam has been established under Honolulu's website, including a forum!

More info here:

An instruction is available on Guam's website for those who wish to join us. Guam is not its own Facility, all controllers are considered visiting. We're looking to get an event going sometime this year once we have the sufficient man power for it. :wink:
By Sean Harrison 870618
#492679 Thanks David.

I have the documents from previous sites, but was trying to confirm that I was still a visiting controller.

Maybe VATOCE could take it on under the Oceanic Partnership? It seems to have been the most inconsistent area in the world with site changes, and drops regularly.
By Josh Glottmann 1275389
#492680 It's not that there are regular site changes but rather than HCF took control over the area last year (or two years ago) and they have no official (to my knowledge) page on their website. The "new" link provided was simply a link to the Controller Downloads which includes the Guam sector file. It hasn't changed in that regard since their website changes roughly a year ago.