By Ryan Parry 965346
#468985 If there are any ZAK controllers around that want to help with the Cross the Pacific event on June 21 please let me know. VATASIA and myself have tried multiple times to reach out and have been unsuccessful in getting any sort of reply from those in charge of the Pacific Oceanic Partnership. We really need ZAK controllers, so if you're interested please email me at training[at] or the VATASIA Region Director Anastasios Stefopoulos at a.stefopoulos[at]

For info on Cross the Pacific please go to

By David Zhong 1027224
#469011 It sounds unusual that you wouldn't be able to get in touch with Jeff. He is available at [email protected]. If he cannot be contacted, try Mark Richards at [email protected]. I suspect however that either one of them will see this thread and forward the info to everyone in the mailing list.
By Mark Hubbert 1054583
#469036 I am the responsible party regarding operations Oakland Oceanic. However due to limitations within the current web system of the Pacific Partnership. I am unable to send any communications to any of the controllers. There are some controllers from ZOA who are certified to control Oceanic so you could speak with them. My suggestion would be to contact Jeffery Smith whose e-mail was already provided in one of the above threads. I would also recommend a posting request in the VATUSA forums (without the negative undertones). In the meantime, I recognize that the communications process for Oakland Oceanic Operations are not the best and I have already started communications with Division Staff VATUSA to hopefully in the future come up with a solution.