By Sean Harrison 870618
#493673 Gents I had a guy contact me today saying I was using the wrong callsign. Claimed to be the Administrator for Oakland Oceanic.

This web site clearly says "Oakland Radio"

If this isn't correct maybe we can change it to "San Fran Radio" as per this guys request.
By Mark Richards 811451
#493676 Indeed Sean. Up until the late 90s it was called Oakland Radio but with both Oakland and Auckland on the same HF frequency, there was significant confusion so Oakland became "San Francisco Radio" so there was no chance of confusion.

Often on the same HF frequency are:

  • San Francisco Radio
  • Auckland Radio
  • Nadi Radio
  • Brisbane Radio
  • Tahiti Radio (less often)

HF is always what I have referred to as 'real radio' :D