By Sean Harrison 870618
#503305 Gents,

I have been playing with MS Excel(untested in any other software), trying to create a tool which would allow me to record position reports. This is version 1.0 heaps of room for improvement.

It is a multi-page workbook, with a worksheet per Airway. Each Airway has all the currently recognised waypoints. Position reports are entered by each callsign having their own line (row) on that sheet. You can enter Estimated time, Actual time, FL, and SPD per waypoint.

Should more than one callsign (row) have a estimate within 15min of any other it lights up.

At the moment the coding does not take into account vertical separation, only the 15min lateral criteria. As I work more I intend to have the FL accounted for, and also crossing.

It may be useful to others, hence why i'm posting it. If it isn't your cuppa tea, thats fine. If it is, please feel free to suggest changes. ... .xltx?dl=0