By Sean Harrison 870618
#518712 For those, especially from VATOCE, who are members of the Pacific Partnership, be aware that VATUSA have an SOP which says ZAK_W is not to be opened without prior approval, unless ZAK_E is online.

I have also been quizzed how I am allowed to open ZAK without doing their OTS exam.......

Is this the end of the Partnership? On my reading and understanding this was suppose to be about open sky’s for qualified members, IOT provide services to pilots as needed.

Why when the US is asleep, and there are pilots in the Kilo time zone flying between Australia and Japan can’t they be provided with FSS? Why can’t pilots in an Airspace be given a service regardless of who in 1000nm away.

There is an event in Guam this weekend, but we can’t open ZAK_W and provide services unless 1. We find someone to open and sit on ZAK_E the whole time, or we work out who the unpublished person is we need to gain ‘prior approval’ and submit it for consideration.

Is there anywhere else on VATSIM that says, no you can’t open 1/16 of the worlds airspace, unless this other bit is open.

If you want pilots to receive services, imho it is more about encouragement of atc, not restricting. Especially when it has nothing to do with qualification (although it now may have if ZAK are reneging on the Partnership).

Sorry GUAM, Sorry Aus - Japan traffic, no services for you unless US comes first.
By Andrew Ogden 1336925
#518713 I never knew there was a restrictive SOP for ZAK_W? A couple of times I've logged on ZAK_W without ZAK_E being online. I'm sure I would've been notified during my Oceanic training. Do you have a link?
By Sean Harrison 870618
#518714 No. Apparently it is an unpublished SOP.

I have asked that it be published on the Partnership Site, otherwise how does anyone know this.

I have also asked whether the Partnership agreement is going to be honoured or changed. If I now have to do an OTS Exam as a visitor in VATUSA I think the Partnership is dead.

Hey Andrew, there is an event on in Guam tomorrow if you are interested. See Hawaii site.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#518728 Sean, if you have concerns, there is a proper way to bring them up. Vomiting on the forums is not the proper way. Frankly, I've never even seen the SOP. But if what you say is true, I imagine there is an opportunity for improvement for the partnership to address. Suggest you bring your concerns to the partnership to be addressed, and not via the public forums.
By Sean Harrison 870618
#518730 Thanks Don, I believe you handed me over to VATUSA7 via email without any comment. If anyone of the people in the original email had said, yes we can look at changing, then it wouldn’t need to be like this. It is control and restriction for the sake of control and restriction.

I have asked and asked for the SOP to be changed. NOT one single person has said I will look at it, but once it is raised on the forum, it is time to look at it. You are teaching people to make noises, because no-one in the office will talk unless we make noise.

If you say you will answer an email, I will email you.
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#518738 Email received, several more sent to many folks to understand the situation and determine path forward. Yes, VATUSA7 is my lead for Oakland Oceanic. In any case, I've sent you a couple of emails and assure you that we will work to update the policies to ensure a good solution for all. This is being worked. Next time, please work within the system, follow the chain of command, bring issues up appropriately rather than throwing grenades. This was not the right way to do it.
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By Don Desfosse 1035677
#518739 I understand there is an event today that this could have affected. I just published temporary guidance stating Until further notice, the “East first” rule found in the ZAK SOP, 01 Oct 2012, paragraph III(A)(3), is hereby suspended. Now, hopefully, without all this unnecessary drama, we can pursue updates to the SOP in a calm, orderly fashion.