By Ray Lang 899884
#518717 Sean the Pacific Oceanic Partnership has a facility Advisory Board which serve as the operational authority for the oceanic areas covered by the VATSIM Pacific Oceanic Agreement.

The Facility Advisory Board (FAB) shall serve as the operational authority for the Oceanic
areas covered by this agreement. The members of the FAB are:

Director of VATUSA (VATUSA1)
Director of VATPAC (VATPAC1)
Director of VATNZ (VATNZ1)
One member of VATUSA chosen by VATUSA1
One member of VATPAC chosen by VATPAC1
One member of VATNZ chosen by VATNZ1

The above facility Advisory Board approve all Standard Operating Procedures used by controllers
staffing Oceanic airspace.

I'll will add ZAK Standard Operating Procedures to the Pacific Oceanic Website. I have sent a copy to VATPAC1 & VATPAC Training Director and to VATNZ1 & VATNZ Training Director for their reference.

If you need to open the position ZAK W for and event it a matter of sending and e-mail to :-

Tony Jeppesn - VATUSA7
[email protected]
By Sean Harrison 870618
#518718 He has said to do it via you.....

And it is ZAK_W that I am interested in. Not ZAK_E.

I appreciate the information Ray, but who wants to be the point of contact for discussion on changing the crazy SOP? You passed it onto VATUSA, they say you are the man for it. Is there a Board email address?

Red tape, good to see it easier to place a hurdle than work towards an improvement.
By Ray Lang 899884
#518724 Sean I'm only a administrator; you will need to address your issue with a VATSIM Pacific Oceanic Facility Advisory Board Member which is VATUSA1 which he serve as the operational authority for the ZAK Oceanic area covered by the VATSIM Oceanic Partnership agreement.

Don Desfosse - VATUSA1
[email protected]
By Sean Harrison 870618
#518725 Ray,

Can that be placed on the Partnership page? I contacted you because you are the nominated email contact, next thing I have VATUSA7 telling me what I can’t do.

I humbly suggest that if the page was up to date and relevant then this confusion over who is aloud to speak may not have occurred.
By Ray Lang 899884
#518726 Sean the ZAK SOP will be put onto the VATSIM Oceanic Pacific Partnership Website for everyone to access.

The VATUSA Division Director is on the board (FAB) an can choose one other member. I'm taking this to be Tony Jeppesen VATUSA7 as he does the Oceanic endorsements for VATUSA.
By Peter Adamos 1177703
#518727 Is entire premise of this partnership not to allow suitably qualified ATC to log on and provide a service with minimal red tape/restrictions/additional checks/limitations etc?

None of the divisions apply any limitations to controlling any of the sectors, because it goes against the whole point of having this agreement in the first place. Applying these will only help reduce ATC services in an area already rarely staffed, I'd ask, what's the point?
By James Larkin 974215
Sean Harrison 870618 wrote:Ray,

Don has made an announcement that the Oakland Oceanic FSS General SOP dated 01 OCT 2012 section III, sub section A, para 3 is suspended until the SOP is reviewed.

Great news.

Is this still in effect?