By Dylan Lundberg 1118012
#529171 Hi ZAK certified controllers!

HCF (Honolulu) will be hosting the December 28th FNO from 2359z - 0400z. We are requesting some support from any certified ZAK_E_FSS controllers to help with the oceanic portion of the event.

If anyone is able to control for this, please let me know!

The event should be a big one - we have multiple sponsors and products to giveaway to pilots during the event!

Thank you,

Dylan Lundberg - HCF Air Traffic Manager
By David Zhong 1027224
#529307 Hi Dylan,

I suspect that this is a rarely traversed section of the forums and you would get a better response getting in touch directly with the divisions which are party to the partnership.

For our part, I have passed this on to our events director for promotion.

David Zhong
Acting Division Director