By Brendan Chen 943434
#364417 Hi Everyone,

Firstly, I, on behalf of all the staffs and controllers of VATPRC, would like to borrow this chance to welcome everyone to VATSIM People's Republic of China (mainland) Division. We will do everything possible to help enhance your flying experience and provide the most professional services to you while you are in the VATPRC airspace.

In this thread, I would like to make a few 'heads-up' guidelines (and hope to also act as quick references) to help your flying experience in China more realistic.
  • There are 9 Flight Information Regions (FIRs) in China, each may consist of one or more area controllers. These control facilities are generally called 'Control' (as oppose to 'Center' in other areas). You may choose to call them by FIR name, or name and facility; ie. ZSHA_CTR - Shanghai, or Shanghai Control.
  • One of the most significant difference between other areas and China, is that in China, we use metric altitude system (ie. Metric RVSM etc.). As such, all commands given by the controllers will be in 'meters'. Therefore, we have published a quick altitude conversion table to help you to efficiently switch between imperial to metric (and vice-versa).
  • This conversion table is also provided in normal picture format here, in case you would like to keep one handy.
  • It is very difficult to obtain charts in China, due to the information presented in most publications. But the VATPRC team was able to accumulate a number of freely available charts over the years, and they are available here. This does not mean that they are terribly outdated, in fact, they are quite up-to-date in terms of AIRAC amendments. Having said that, these charts may ONLY be used for simulation purposes, it should NOT be used for real world navigation by ANY means.
  • When you are operating inside VATPRC airspace, please switch to squawk code 2000 if you have not been issued a squawk code in any phase of your flight, instead of most used 2200, as 2200 is an active assignable squawk code in Kunming Control Area.
  • Last but not least, most of the time, the transition altitude in China is 3000m, and the transition level is 3600m. These may change in extreme barometric conditions, but you can reference the appropriate transition details from the aeronautical charts mentioned in the above point.

One other point, we have located some airport scenery enhancements for both FSX and FS9, and they can be found here. These scenery although are not as good as payware, but it certainly improves the boredom of flying with default FS scenery. For more details, please visit here.

Furthermore, we have provided ServInfo updates for all Chinese airports and most commonly seen Chinese airlines' information, you may also acquire this from here.

Lastly, for more details, please visit our website on, and the 'Flying in China!' section on our top menu. Please note that our website is ever-updating, therefore please to check our forums (please register with your Firstname Lastname CID), or the website for any update announcements or new information.

I know this has been a long post, thanks for reading. If you have any questions, please ask; either through our forums (please register with your Firstname Lastname CID), Contact Us form, or just directly through email (brendan(at)

Hope this has helped in some ways, and hope to see you all in the friendly yet professional skies of VATPRC!

Kind Regards,
By Jason Choi 1019205
#410851 In order to login to website, you must be a registered controller.

And Terry, assuming you referring to our forum, it has been relocated to, you are free to register as long as you have a VATSIM ID. Note: It is a Chinese only forum.