By Brendan Chen 943434
#392814 Hi all,

As you know, VATPRC is a newly established, and still developing divisions. VATPRC requires a division resource manager, which keeps track of and take the responsibility in resource updates and technical developing. At this stage, we are mainly concerned about sector generation and maintenance. We have sources in various formats, mainly CSV, and the job description is to convert those data into various sector files, ES see files, and possibility restricted navigation files.

All the knowledge will be taught to you, and sources where these were found; one thing that we cannot teach is coding and programming skills. We are looking for a member with some programming skills. We are not concerned about which language you prefer, but personally I know C++, matlab and little bit of C, so that way I may be able to provide some assistance.

The main criteria we have for resource manager is that he/she will need to have a sense of responsibility and that he/she is contactable, also will be able to spend some time each week to work on VATPRC resources. The candidate do not need to be bilingual, although it might be beneficial, and you must be familiar with at least one programming language (note that I did not say advanced or experienced, as jobs required can be done with minimal knowledge).

If you are interested please email me at [email protected], or drop me a PM.