By Dennis Mangold 973237
#398833 Hello,

I flew to ZBAA during the "How to find a white hare on the snow?" event. Thanks for the ATC, I liked it!
However, there seems to be a weird problem with your scenery recommendation for ZBAA (ZBAA scenery FS9 - Chinese Airports): My FS Passengers reported I had flown from ZSGS to ZBAA, whereas I took off in ZBAA and gave me penalty for that. My VA-colleagues tell me that there are similiar strange problems with other airports from the pack. Just wanted to let you know...

Otherwise: Thanks again for the great ATC, hope to be flying to the PR China again some time!

By Brendan Chen 943434
#401252 Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your compliment. As for the problem, it is known, and there are fixes out there. There was one other member who mentioned a fix which unfortunately I had forgotten. And I was not able to reach him for some time, I will continue to try and let you know.