By Brendan Chen 943434
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Dear all,

The official establishment of VATPRC was on the 1st July, 2010. The one year anniversary celebration of our establishment will take place in the traditional VATSIM fashion, through a fly-in styled event.

The theme of this event is to reproduce one of the busiest commercial routes in China, with full staff service mainly at Beijing. The title of this event is Jing Hu Expressway; departing from Beijing Capital (ZBAA) to Shanghai Hongqiao (ZSSS). This route in the real world is considered the busiest route in China. And on the 2nd July, 2011, between 1200z to 1500z, we will attempt to recreate this in the airspace of VATPRC.

So please have your diaries marked, flights booked and join us in celebrating VATPRC's first birthday!

We hope to have more information available on the VATSIM website soon.

Kind Regards,
By Brendan Chen 943434
#418485 Thanks for keeping a watch on our section of the forum.

Like Roger said, charts and sceneries are available from our website. We are trying very hard to maintain an bilingual site. But due to the very limited staff and unlimited workload, some of the information on our website might only be in one language and not the other.

We will try to have charts and everything else updated before the event. Any updates will be replacing the original files, so from an EndUser point of view, download the charts and sceneries as you would normally.

One important note when flying in Chinese airspace: We use Metric RVSM altitude, so by-law, we must all use metric measurements, such as metres and km. But in real world practice, speeds are usually given in knots, distance in KM and altitude in metres.

One other point is when you have not been assigned a squawk, please squawk "2000", because the usual "2200" is actually being used as an assignable squawk code.

Any problems at all, let me know.

Cheers :)
By Brendan Chen 943434
Romano Lara 1018198 wrote:Congratulations Brendan. VATPRC has certainly improved and has reached greater heights in your tenure!

Romano, thanks for the supportive words. In a very young division such as VATPRC, it is very nice to hear words like these, very encouraging.