By Brendan Chen 943434
#438948 Dear all pilots,

We have received numerous reports on installing the China scenery pack and the Guangzhou Baiyun airport's upgrade pack fresh, and unable to find the new airport (still loading up at the old one).

I did a fresh reinstall of FS9 and figure out whether there were some misunderstanding with the installation or what the problem was, but the same, I installed correctly but the reports were backed up by my own attempt.

However, I did some digging, and found the following solution to work for me. Pilots having this issue can also give it a go and let me know how it went:
  1. Install the China Scenery Pack: LINK
  2. Install the separate Guangzhou Baiyun Intl Airport upgrade pack: LINK
  3. In FS9, add the airport to "Addon Scenery Library"
  4. Close FS9, and go into (disregard incorrect casing) FS9ROOT\scenery\asia\scenery, in there you should be able to find three *.BGL files: nv9Aisa0.BGL, AP978230.BGL, and AP981160.BGL. Either rename them (ie: nv9Aisa0.origin, AP978230.origin, and AP981160.origin) or move them out of the folder (but keep a backup). This way, FS doesn't read these files.

And voila! You should see Chinese airport name when you load this up.

Give it a go, and let me know how you go.