By Shannon Wells 811815
#476840 Hi all

I'm hosting a worldflight team - and we'll be visiting Honqqiao on our trip around the world next week (having physically visited the airport a month ago, it's a bit surreal)

I am struggling to find and fs9 scenery for ZSSS, especially considering a 2nd runway has been built! Google provides only dead links - can anyone help?


By Tim Wong 1179662
#476841 This is what you need:

Be aware that other parts for the scenery must/should be downloaded as well. Otherwise some of buildings will not appear. Just take a short look at the description below.

Have fun on the World Flight Tour.

2 steps:

1. Copy the ZSSS*.bgl files to your FS9/Addon Scenery/scenery folder, or wherever you want as long as you create the appropriate entry in FS9 scenery.cfg file.

2. Download and install the following generic libraries: (AVSIM) (AVSIM) (AVSIM) (AVSIM) (AVSIM) (AVSIM)

- Accurate placement and sizing upon google earth viewer latest imagery (February 13th 2010) for terminals, apron, lights, runways, taxiways & nav beacons. VOR 'SHA' moved to the north towards its current location.
- New terminal 2 (boarding area only).
- New runway 36L/18R with functionnal ILS. Old runway 36/18 renumbered 36R/18L.
- VORs CGT & JTN included.
- New approach code for all 4 ILS approaches for AI traffic. VOR & NDB transitions enabled for UI aircraft.
- Accurate parkings & taxiways with real world designators. Taxisigns included. Jetways included.
- Parkings coded according to information found on internet: T1 for Air Spring & Intl ops, T2 for all other traffic. Lots of overflow parking used during the night by ZSSS-based aircrafts. Cargo and GA aprons coded as required.
- Comestic enhancements: static vehicules, runway tire marks.
- Apron & airport roads included.