By Vu Viet Phuong 1146692
#477234 Hi VATPRC,

I have tried contacting VATPRC1 (Yu Xiong) a few days ago and still not get response.
WF2014 group is flying from ZGGG to VVNB on upcoming Friday (Nov. 07), and there will be a lots of traffic will cross the border between China and Vietnam at waypoint TEBAK (R474 airway).

Since this is not happened as usual, I would like to have the handover from Nanning to Hanoi a little bit earlier in order to have more time for separation. I suggest 20nm before TEBAK (5 miles before LON VOR) if possible. We need traffic altitude at handover point at or below FL280. Kindly provide altitude for traffic in descending by feet instead of metric.

VVNB has a difficulty high terrain around the airport, some prohibited areas and it allows only 1 flow of traffic in approaching. That will be much easier for our APP to have as much space as possible. So please help to control aircraft's Mach number on en-route with at least 20 nm between 2 aircraft.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Vu Viet Phuong

Edit: Yu has been responded. Thanks Yu. Closed.
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By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#477252 Hi!

On the evening of the flight, please make sure are in contact with the ATCOs in question. In case that VATPRC will not be able to staff some of the required positions, Worldflight's own ATCOs will jump in and fill the gaps.