By Federico Navarro 1013441
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Photo by Ramón Jordi

The airport of Barcelona El Prat is the second most important airport in
the whole of Spain, for that reason VATSPA is excited to be able to offer
for the first ever time: Barcelona Real Ops.
Last year we saw the Madrid Barajas Real Ops and fortunately for all
involved it was a huge success, even better than we had expected, for that
reason we believe that Barcelona could be the same or even better!
From today we have made public the website dedicated exclusively especially
for the Barcelona Real Ops event which can be found at [url=][/url] where you are
more than welcome to make your reservation today.
We hope to have your presence this coming January 25th at 15:00 UTC.
For more information about the event please visit our forum from VATSPA
official site at