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By Elias Trischan 1266849
#511990 Hey you!
So you are a flight simulator enthusiast. But you are bored of flying alone, having nobody to talk to about flight simulation or you want to simulate a pilot's life even more realistic?
Then we are very pleased to welcome you to the German SKY Alliance. Let me quickly introduce us to you.

Who are we?
We are quite a big Virtual Alliance. Founded in 2008 with official permission taken by SKY Airlines CEO ( Tahir Görgülü). We are virtually representing the former German SKY Airlines ( official permission taken by GHY CEO, Isa Görgülü, 2012) and SKY Airlines and the real Borajet Airlines (with the offficial permission taken,2016), and we proudly founded our German SKY Alliance.

What can you expect?
When joining us, you can expect a lot of exclusive offers. For example our new owned ACARS, powered by smartCARS. For Computers, running also with Macintosh, we use the X-Acars for X-Plane 10 and 11. With our ACARS you can expect a very precise, realistic and accurate tracking of your flight. We are flying on VATSIM and IVAO platforms. But the most important point is our family members. We are not only virtual pilots, we are a family. If you have a bad day, need help or share your success or happiness, we are always there for you to cheer you up, give you tips or just celebrate with you. For example, we can chat and talk in our TeamSpeak3 channel and on our WhatsApp group. We also offer individual flight-trainings for our members. With our CEO, Dr. Kürsat Keskin (was also former Staff of SKY Airlines and German SKY Airlines) has close relations with Borajet Airlines CEO and family. He is a real life Aviator and works for Aviation Authorities/Airlines around the world. (He has great aviation experience), our FOM (Manuel Wild coordinates our HUBs and group flights), our HUB-Managers (manage the HUBs, publish important information about them (Notams) and in contact with the vACC on VATSIM) and our PR-Management (which is doing great work on representing our airline to the public) we are really well structured airlines. And last but not least we have a great Graphic Design Management ( Prof.Dr. Taner Togrul) designs our very own, unique liveries, all of those can be downloaded in our own download center. We have awesome partnerships with VATSIM and VACC-GER as well.

No not finished!
Training is very important for us, our Training Manager, real life Airbus Pilot, Gökay Duran and his Deputy Training Manager, Florian Steckler (visiting flight school at the moment) are responsible for our trainings.

Draw your attention?
Then you are welcome to join us! Feel free to get in touch with us or fill out our application form. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to send an email or join our Teamspeak Channel.
Our philosophy is simulating our hobby as real as it gets! We are proud of having such a great family and so close to real aviation.
We hope to see you in the sky soon, flying for our airline. Until then, happy landings!

Smile in the SKY

Yannik Zech, Elias Trischan, Alexander Taschner
Deputy PR-Manager and PR-Officer w/ GermanSkyAlliance