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By frederique delaet 1406931
#520762 Hello VATSIMmer's

I am going to introduce the Luxair VA to you.

Altough you probably have your reasons to join this particular virtual airline,
we're going to tell you a few things about it.
Obviously, we are based in Luxembourg Findel Airport from where we fly to all the real-life destinations of Luxair.
Additionally, we have added some non-luxair flights you can choose from. The real luxair fleet has also been brought into the virtual world.
Our main goal at Virtual Luxair is that when you file your flightplan you had fun flying for us.

What can you expect?

-A user friendly platform
-Real Luxair routes
-Complete Luxair fleet
-Full support by our team
-Manny more

For more information visit our website or send an email to [email protected]

See you soon on http://luxairva.com
The LuxairVA team