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By Muhammad Affan Ellahi 1380449
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Emirates VACC proudly presents "Dubai RealOps 2019". We are excited to bring you over 240 scheduled flights spanning through this 5 hour event simulating the evening rush hour in the heart of Middle East.

On the 4th August 2019, Dubai International Airport ( OMDB ) will be fully staffed from top to bottom with our ATC starting from 1500Z till 2000Z. You will be able to experience real operations in Dubai to make you feel like a real pilot. Also experience our amazing views on takeoff/landing which your passengers will surely enjoy.

With Emirates Virtual participating as well.Don’t miss out the chance to avail the special fs2crew 30% discount specifically for the pilots participating in the real ops. (They will get the code after flying in event)

Note:- All EKv Pilots willing to fly need to first book a slot here ,after booking Slot there (Whatever Flight slot you got now bid your That flight on Emirates Virtual Website Here,

Note You can fly return flight as well e.g OMDB OBBI, OBBI OMDB as there is 5 hours full atc, More Flying More chance to get FS2Crew 30% Discount on any product code, Also we are Attaching Links Below so you can Make sure you Book your slot in all links to fly easyile on the event with more then 50+ traffic real flights around the world

Link 1) https://hq.vatme.net/event/booking/flight/727 / https://hq.vatme.net/event/view/727

Link 2) https://icrew.emirates-virtual.com/inde ... t_event/24
open link 3 if above link is not working
Link 3) https://icrew.emirates-virtual.com/index.php/Profile

Now you are good to go

So yeah all pilots those flying, some of the pilots will also online on Emirates Virtual Discord to enjoy flight while talking to others pilots aswell

We req you to fly in the best event and give your best to win FS2Crew Discount Code :)

So Yeah hope to see you on the event

Untill Then

Happy Flying & See you in Skies

Excited ,
- Team Emirates Virtual Group