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By Jacob Masters 1357668
#527361 "Saluton kaj bonvenon al Aero Esperanto."
Hello and welcome to Aero Esperatno!

We are an airline dedicated to professionalism while flying short routes between major hubs. AeroEsperanto is not limited to "one Type" of flying, We believe for a strong VA we must be open to new opportunity that come our way. AeroEsperanto Fly's with the big guys, but we also offer a more "Low & Slow" routes know as our Touring routes. We as a VA are always looking for pilots to come and join as well give input for what we would like too see or happen in the near future.

If you have further questions about AeroEsperanto, Please do not hesitate to contact me at the followoing:

Here on the Fourm
Steam : IdeologicCube
Discord: J. Masters#0188 ( Please note a Space between the . and M)

J. Masters Co-Founder of AeroEsperatno