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By David Tomlinson 1036971
#530309 Looking for some naval aviators to join the virtual VFA-111 Sundowners. We are a squadron that has a lot to build on and make fun yet have a realistic atmosphere. We operate the VRS Tacpack F-18E on FSX-SE. Aviator and staff positions are available. Inquire below.
By Mats Edvin Aaro 1227980
#530328 Not to be that guy - but are you flying online on VATSIM? If so, you would need to be a certified vSOA to perform many of the operations you are showcasing..
By Roger Curtiss 810159
#530622 M<r. Aaro is correct in his observation. Before VFA-111 Virtual can operate on the network it needs to be approved as a Virtual Special Operations organization (VSO). The requirements and application process are detailed at vasops.vatsim.net.

Once you have satisfied the application requirements you are welcome to submit an application for review.