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By Ben Stevenson 956216
#531287 I hope i'm posting this in the right area, i think i am. Anyways, looking to see if there is a Virtual Porter Air out there somewhere. The only post i've found regarding one is from 2016 and it's a dead link, doesn't appear to be operating and can't find any other so i'm guessing there probably isn't.

Anyways, i've been flying the Q400 a lot lately and really having fun with it, kind of wonder if there isn't a Virtual Porter anymore, is there any interest in one? It's nice flying the shorter routes since life does tend to get in the way of flight simming sometimes and doesn't always allow for flying long hauls. It quite easy to hop into the Q400 and fly an hour, or two, or three. Also could be fun to add a different level of traffic in the CZYZ region, more flights out of CYTZ.

I'd definitely be interested in getting one started up if there is enough interest, but would also need help in that area as it's something i've never done and i'm not a webmaster.

Just a thought i've been having lately, not that having a VA or not is going to stop me from flying my Q400.