By Ross Carlson 887155
#441878 Q: I'm a delivery/ground/tower controller. Does vSTARS have anything to offer me?

A: vSTARS is meant to be used by approach and departure controllers. It has minimal support for working with aircraft on the ground, but really only the bare minimum required to see where each aircraft is. This is only to help approach/departure controllers that are *also* working the underlying positions. You are better off using VRC or another client.

Q: It seems my screen isn't big enough, things are getting chopped off. What do I do?

A: vSTARS needs a fairly high screen resolution in order to show all the display components such as the Display Control Bar (DCB) and the Display Control Panels (DCPs.) The DCB takes up a lot of horizontal space across the top of the screen, especially when some of the DCB submenus are open. If you don't have a wide enough screen resolution, it may get cut off. There is no way around this other than to use a larger screen resolution. You can turn off the DCPs to get some more horizontal space to work with. They can be toggled off using a checkbox in the settings window.

Q: I get this error when running vSTARS: "The Application failed to initialize properly." What do I do?

A: You most likely don't have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed. You need at least version 3.5. It can be downloaded here: