By Casey Diers 981110
#456235 These files are available for download, with instructions, here:

BUT, before you download it, note that this file only covers the US (or any airspace that the FAA maintains in their databases) as that is the only data that I have access to. So if you are outside the US (or its territories), downloading these files will be a step backward rather than a step forward.

These files are updated with every airac.

As with anything in life, be sure to back up the original files. If you have a problem with these files, they may render your install useless without the original Airports and Waypoints .xml files. And due to the unknown implications of doing so, I don't feel comfortable posting the originals up on my site (because they aren't mine to share).
By Josh Glottmann 1275389
#489411 Sorry to revive this post.
With the vSTARS dump, the waypoints file contains <Airport> tags. This causes no airports to show up in alias commands.
I have been replacing the tag with <Waypoint> and </Waypoint> respectively and it fixes the issue.

Would you be able to change some back-end stuff to fix this?
By Chris Carstens 935697
#528925 For anyone who might stumble across this post, the website above says to place the files in the %appdata%/vSTARS/NavData folder, but vSTARS seems to prefer (i.e. it only works if) they go in the main %appdata%/vSTARS folder.