By Ross Carlson 887155
#520184 Not in vSTARS, no. That value is only used in vERAM. (They both use the same file format for defining radar sites.) In ERAM, tracks within range of a terminal radar can have a faster update rate.)
By Dominic Nguyen 1200795
#520568 As far as my knowledge goes on update rates, in ERAM they're adapted to 12 seconds regardless what source of the surveillance you're receiving because it's mosaic. The ASR sites are meant to be used as supplemental radar coverage. Please tell me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any TRACON/RAPCON uses an ARSR/Long Range as their primary unless they have an ASR outage. They'd have to revert to CENRAP and use 5 mile spacing I think. If you were to use a long range it'll be 12 seconds. Now more and more facilities are using FUSION as their primary so it's hard for failures
By Nickolas Christopher 1201827
#520758 I’ve seen a CTRD with ARSR sites listed. Now, sure they don’t use it as primary, but it is available. I wonder if fusion includes updates from ARSR sites.

So, you’re saying in VATREAL ERAM all updates are 12 seconds? Wouldn’t it be good if CTR controllers could utilize ASR sites? When a TRACON is closed, CTR could take advantage of a faster radar source for approach vectors.
By Dominic Nguyen 1200795
#520991 A lot of TDW's in the states use ARSR's as their primary though. Think of the little class D towers in a center environment. In the RW, controllers can't vector to final approach courses when they're not depicted. Rarely do TRACON's close unless it's military or ATC Zero really. The enroute guys still vector for approaches all the time with the 12 second update