By Andrew Morkunas 1017951
#526562 These are my observations so please correct me if I am wrong. In VRC once a scratchpad is set it remains during a handoff. However in vERAM and vSTARS when scratchpads are set they are automatically cleared during handoff to another controller.

This is a bit problematic when local SOPs make use of the scratchpad to convey certain information. For example: in ZNY the delivery controller sets the depart gate fix in the scratchpad so that when the aircraft is transition from departure to enroute the center controller can properly vector the aircraft on course. A simpler example, conveying speed restrictions to the next controller.

Is there a way to keep scratchpad from being cleared in vERAM/vSTARS during a handoff?
By Dhruv Kalra 878508
#526566 Scratchpad data in STARS and 4th line data in ERAM don't pass between the real systems. They're not used for information transfer between STARS and ERAM facilities. Stuff like that is either coordinated verbally or falls within the parameters specified by LOA between terminal and enroute facilities.

One of my low sectors works with an approach control that vectors aircraft via departure gates, and we just QF the flight plan (or middle click on the datablock to view it) when we take the handoff to know what the aircraft's first fix is.

That being said, I'd LOVE for 4th line heading/speed data to pass between vERAM sectors, which it doesn't now.
By Dominic Nguyen 1200795
#527519 In the RW 4th line can't be transferred between ERAM and STARS and scratchpad data can't be transferred between STARS and ERAM. You can however do that in vSTARS/vERAM. Add the center sector's tag into your intrafacility row in the FE window. It's already unrealistic as it is when someone in vSTARS adds a scratchpad under their control and you see it as a 4th line in vERAM. :roll: