By Shrikar Galgali 1217255
#524453 Position:
Sri Lanka and Maldives (SRM) vACC Deputy Director [ACCSRM2]

1.Reports to the SRM vACC Director.
2.Maintains an active online presence within the vACC, including Forum and Discord, and on the VATSIM network.
3.Functions as a vACC Staff Member and attends periodic meetings as necessary.
4.Helps develop new members and ensures they have the resources to succeed in SRM vACC
5.Assists in management of the roster.
6.Any other duty assigned by the Director.

1.Must be over 21 years of age.
2.Must hold a C1 Rating with minimum 2 years on VATSIM.
3.Experience as a mentor.
4.Should preferably have past experience in staff roles or other managerial positions.
5.Must be a member in good standing of VATSIM with a clean record/no history of unprofessional behaviour.
6.Must at least dedicate 5 hours a week for Deputy Director roles.
7.Availability on Weekends and comfortable with Local Time Zone.
8.Should give a minimum commitment of 1 year on the staff position.

Applications should include:
1.Full name, active e-mail, and VATSIM CID.
2.Resume with VATSIM Activities and Records.
3. Your intentions and ideas (if any) for developing the vACC.
By sending an application , you are also giving an consent to the staff to do a background check on your CERT.

Note :
The Division Staff would like to make few things very clear.
This is a time demading position. We expect that the applicant can dedicate a considerable amount of time till SRM is a stable vACC with few pilots and ATC. We want a member who can deliver results. We want a member who can build a community , who have good people skills. We want learning and fun to go together. Not everyone has the same intention of flying on VATSIM, so we want someone who can make an environment of both learning and enjoying. We don't want any politics here ; we have had enough experiences in the past and we are tired of cleaning up all the mess. The member should apply only and only if he has a genuine interest in developing the region. The Deputy Director will be given access to all Social Media platforms - Divsion Facebook Page , Discord , Community Forums , Library Templates ,etc. Access to vACC website will remain with ACCSRM1 only.

All interested applicants should send their applications to [email protected] with CC to [email protected] and [email protected]

The application period will remain open until this position is filled.