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Event is one of the keys of strong online presence and members participation to online activities for any Division/vACC. It adds up not only to the fun factor, realism but also to team-up communities together.

Before applying for this staff position, please read all sections.

The successful candidate will be expected to commit at least one (1) year fulfilling the duties of this staff position.
Applications shall be sent to: [email protected]
with subject: Application for VATWA7 Events Director

Events Director (VATWA7)

REPORTS TO: Division Director, VATWA1
RESPONSIBLE FOR: Smooth overall operation of all events, publicly advertising events and information regarding the Division, monitor forums, liaise with Divisions or neighboring Divisions for event organization and undertake (related) tasks under the guidance of the Division Director.

  • Organize online events in collaboration with the Divisions and establish annual events.
  • Build relationships with vACCs within VATWA and neighboring Divisions, virtual airlines etc. to organize international or major events.
  • Reports quarterly event activity to the Division Director.
  • Informing Division and vACC members of upcoming events within VATWA and neighboring Divisions.
  • Maintain an active online presence within the Division.

  • Ideal candidate would hold at least an S3 rating, while higher ratings will be considered as a plus.
  • Although not mandatory, ideal candidate would hold at least P1 rating.
  • Must be a member in good standing with the network.
  • Expected to be able to commit a minimum of 5-6 hrs a week.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to work as an individual and part of a team.
  • Ability to prioritize and plan effectively.

Last date for submitting application 25th Dec 2018 2359z
By Raihan Shahzad 1208205
#540292 Particular vacancy has been re-opened till 23rd December 2019 2359z, interested applicants can submit their application through email in a CV format at director[at]
By Brodie Murdoch 1306312
#546424 Vacancy for the position of Division Events Director VATWA7 has now been extended. Applicants shall send their applications to director[at] and deputy[at] no later than 9th April 2020 23:59z.

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