By Raihan Shahzad 1208205
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VATSIM West Asia division is seeking applications for the position of Nepal vACC Director - ACCNPL1.

We are looking for applicants that feel they can fulfill the following duties:

• Oversee daily operations
• Publicise and arrange ATC for events
• Act as a spokesperson for Nepal vACC

Reports to: Division Director VATWA1

In addition, the successful candidate should fulfill the following requirements:

• Currently holding a controller rating of C1 or Above and having a good disciplinary record on VATSIM
• Availability of 5 hours per week for administrative tasks
• Familiar with the ATC procedures within Nepal vACC
• Have a regular online presence
• Demonstrable leadership experience and ability
• Fluent English

If you're interested in the post, and meet the requirements above then send us an email with CV to jobs(at) including details of your VATSIM experience & any ideas you may have for making vACC active moving forward.

Last date to submit application: April 11th 2019 2359z