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#534616 Pakistan vACC held its annual event "Flight to Friendship Season 5" at Arena, Karachi, Pakistan on the 6th of July 2019.
Participants travelled to Karachi from all around the country to get together and fly online on the VATSIM network. Our guests on this occasion included Captain (R) Johnny Sadiq, former Captain of DC10s, B707s and B747s in Pakistan International Airlines and author of "Come Fly with Me"; Mr. Hassan Mujahid and Mr. Salman Nazar from Karachi ACC on behalf of CAA Pakistan, with over 35 years of ATC experience combined. The guests lauded the participants for taking part in this initiative, and appreciated the realism and regulations undertaken by both vPilots and vATCOs on the VATSIM network.

Our participants were mostly students and young aviation enthusiasts who travelled to Karachi from Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot, Peshawar, Dubai and even Jeddah to attend the event. The vPilots and vATCOs flew from Karachi to Dubai and back in our City Link event in coordination with Emirates vACC. Also in attendance at the event was the Emirates vACC Director Events and Marketing Mr. Furqan Shakil, who wa s control ling OMDB_APP live from the event. Scenery giveaways were also held for pilots and ATCOs by scenery developers MSK and SimArc (also in attendance). Another giveaway was held by Aviation Geeks Pakistan for the participants of the live event. Invitations were also sent to the country’s top aviation officials including the current Aviation minister and Director General CAA Pakistan for promotion of VATSIM and Flight Simulation amongst the official aviation departments and general masses. Unfortunately they were unable to attend due to a busy schedule, however the team got a letter of appreciation from the Aviation Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Khan. The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and ASF (Airport Security Force) was very kind to approve a visit to the Shuhada Park and the Visitor Gallery at Karachi Airport (which is closed to the general public for security concerns.) Thus the VATSIM members got exclusive access to a refurbished PIA B747-300, a chance to visit the aircraft’s cockpit and learn more about flying as well as controlling at Karachi Airport. We have also arranged a visit to Karachi ATC Control Centre for our vATCOs in order to promote realism amongst their general procedures and guide them on a future track for becoming an ATC controller should they want to.

A report on VATSIM, Pakistan vACC and Flight simulation was made by reporters from the national media news channel PTV News and was broadcast in the national language (Urdu) in the headlines to an audience of around 16,500,000 viewers daily.

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