By Samuel Litsas 1382183
#534854 Greetings all,

The Nepal vACC is now looking for candidates to apply for the position of ACCNPL3, Nepal vACC ATC Training Director

This person must:
- Have a rating of S2, willing to get S3 and C1 within 3 months
- Have a good standing with VATSIM for at least 1 year
- Be able to commit 5 hours a week to vACC Staff activities

This role includes:
- Reporting to the Director/Deputy Director on ATC Training
- Coordinate Mentors and Instructors for the training of person[s]
- Create and keep Training documents
- Organize OTS/CPT examinations with instructors and students

Members wanting to apply for ACCNPL3 must email [email protected] No later than 8 September 23:59:59z