By ali Abbas 1354425
#541287 Hello everyone!

India vACC is looking for candidates to apply for the position of ACCIND2, India vACC Deputy Director/ATC Training Director

This role includes:
-Reporting directly to ACCIND1.
-Managing the vACC and overlooking its operations under the absence of ACCIND1.
- Overseeing and actively developing the India vACC's training program.
-Responsible to help director in day to day tasks.
- Hire and coordinate with Mentors and Instructors for the training of students.
- Maintains and implement training documents and materials for the vACC.
- Organize OTS/CPT examinations with instructors and students.

This person must:
- Have a current rating of C1.
- Have a good standing with VATSIM for at least 1 year.
- Be capable of working well in a team-oriented environment.
- Be able to commit 5 hours a week to vACC staff activities.

Members wanting to apply for ACCIND2 must email at [email protected] no later than 25th January 2020 23:59:59z.
By Brodie Murdoch 1306312
#546439 Vacancy for the position of India Deputy vACC Director has now been extended. Applicants shall send their applications to [email protected] no later than 9th April 2020 23:59z.

Kind Regards

[Message sent on behalf of India vACC Director]