By ali Abbas 1354425
#541288 India vACC is looking for an Events and PR Director for the vACC, requirements for the post are as follows:
* Good skills and command over the English language.
* Knowledge of managing social media networks (Facebook, Twitter etc).
* Excellent knowledge over general email formats and types.
* Design Expertise and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (or any related program) to design banners for events
* Have the ability to handle a wide range of people, issues and problems that arise in the region.
* Having a Controller Rating / Pilot Rating / Prior experience will be an added bonus.
If you’re interested in the post, and meet the requirements above, please send an email to [email protected] no later than 25th January 2020 23:59:59z. Please include your name, VATSIM CID, prior experience (if any) and any additional relevant information in the email.
By Brodie Murdoch 1306312
#546442 Vacancy for the position of India Events and PR vACC Director ACCIND3 has now been extended. Applicants shall send their applications to [email protected] no later than 9th April 2020 23:59z.

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[Message sent on behalf of India vACC Director]