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By Njeri Carroo 1335345
#529132 Kingston FIR (MKJK) is a member of VATSIM's  Caribbean Division and is responsible for providing ATC services in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. Over the past two years, we have grown at a tremendous rate. As we head into 2019, Kingston is pleased to receive applications for its Head of Information Technology (IT) position.

S/He will be responsible for the execution and implementation of web-based projects needed to bring us up to speed with current VATSIM trends. At this point in time, the current project at hand is the rebuilding of the FIR's website.


[*] Clean VATSIM disciplinary record.
[*] Proficient in written and spoken English
[*] Photo-editing software / Graphic design experience is a plus
[*] Knowledge of JOOMLA / HTML
[*] Ability to commit 5 hours per week

If you are interested in applying, send an email to [email protected], expressing your intent. This email should, at minimum, include your full name, VATSIM CID, a few sentences describing your experience and examples/samples where applicable.

Application period is open until further advised in a subsequent post.