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By Ariel Suchowski 1429830
#529904 Hello,
My name is Ariel Suchowski, I live in Israel.
I would love to help any devision or vARTCC with any WebMaster help.
I learned PHP, Python, C#, C++, HTML and Javascript for a couple of years. I am 14 years old which means I have my afternoon to just improve the softwares and website for any divison that needs it.
I have around 3 hours every day to be a WebMaster!
I saw the reqriments set for each topic here and they all say around 5 hours a week! I can do 3 hours every day!
I built the wbesite for the Virtual Israeli Air Force and I am the WebMaster there, also I am a active pilot in the vIAF and now learning to be a controller in VATSIM UK.

Thanks in advance,
Ariel Suchowski
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#529908 Hello Ariel!

Send an email to vpdev(at)vatsim.net showing your interest and letting them know all that you told us here.

Good luck! ;)
By Calum Shepherd 1341239
#530108 If you're still available, MultiCrew (https://multicrew.co.uk/), a shared cockpit based community, is looking for developers!

We are going to be refactoring our website in Laravel, a PHP framework, over the coming months. None of us have much experience with it, so no prior knowledge is necessary, just some PHP skills (which you listed).

If you're interested, email me (COO) at calum (at) multicrew (dot) co (dot) uk or join our discord server at https://discord.gg/3jHRAkE and we can discuss further.