A place to indicate your skills and willingness to assist, as well as a listing of all the latest vacancies to assist with Web Services
By Brian Fuller 973577
#481914 I am a PHP programmer (also C#) with knowledge of MySQL and Oracle databases, looking to see if anyone is in need of Web services. Send me a PM of what you are looking for help with and I'll see if I can help fill the requirements.
By Anastasios Petros Stefopoulos 901134
#482087 Dear Brian,

i have sent you a PM via the forum regarding web assistance.
Thank you for your kind offer to assist.
By Calum Shepherd 1341239
#530109 If you're still looking for some voluntary work, https://multicrew.co.uk/ has some exciting PHP projects coming up. Join our discord server at https://discord.gg/3jHRAkE and send one of the Admins a PM if you're interested!