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By Jordan Jolenaar 1429747
#529754 Hello,

I recently wrote an API for Vatsim based on the CERT system. This API allows you to get information about a users CID. It will automatically download it, and store it, and the next time you attempt to get information about that user, it updates the users downloaded the file if it exists.

This API is a "model" based API, and I tried to make it as compact, and simple as possible.

The API allows you to get all of the following information about a user:
  • First and last name.
  • Email (suffix only)
  • Controller Rating (ie S1, S2, etc)
  • Registration Date
  • Piloting Rating (ie P1, P2, etc)
  • Client Country
  • Client Region
  • Client Division
  • Client ATC online time
  • Client Pilot online time.

Basic documentation is available on the Github page, along with examples (you can find detailed examples on the wiki.

This API is being used in my other project (VatsimSync) and I originally made it for that use, so the caching process is set up to download and store it in a local folder, but this could easily be changed and suited for your needs. If you make any improvements, I ask that you release it for everyone to take advantage of.

You can find the API on Github here

- Jordan.
By Jordan Jolenaar 1429747
#532802 Hi,

I made an update about a month ago (forgot to update it on this thread) which improves the speed of the API. It removes local caching which improves the speed, so it just reads the XML rather than downloading, and reading, which improves the speed considerably.

By Jordan Jolenaar 1429747
Pedro Rodrigues 1377186 wrote:Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Can we get in touch on github?

I don't believe Github has private messaging, but if you would like to send me an email, you send send it to [email protected]