By Gia Pham 1299085
#520013 Hello, I have a weird issues with vpilot. I can only hear ATC with my speaker, but when i put it into my headset, it doesn't work. My default audio on the computer has been changed to the headset. On the headset, i can hear the sim and other audio fine but vpilot. Already try to put it in both wave and direct sounds and it doesn't do anything, numerous re-installing hoping it to work but .... no joy as well. Any help that i can get in here is appreciate.
By Markus Vitzethum 815055
#520019 Hello Gia Pham,

can you please give us more details about the detailed sequenced in which you are doing things?

E.g. what do you do first? Do you first start vPilot and then plug in the microphone? Or do you plug in the microphone and then start vPilot?

I found that vPilot needs to have the micrphone plugged in *before* I start vPilot. Otherwise the microphone is not recognized by vPilot. When I e.g. accidently unplug the mic while vPilot is running and then re-plug the microphone, vPilot does not recognize the microphone (although the operating systems recognizes it).

In any case, you can run the voice calibration test after starting vPilot (before connecting). If you hear your own in the voice calibration test, then everything is fine.

By Gia Pham 1299085
#520049 The microphone is always attached to the computer and same thing with the headset.
The order is typically the sim, active sky then vpilot.

The result is ok but when i speak to the mic, after 5 sec, i don't hear anything back but the result is ok? which is weird
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
EDWARD STEFANOVICH 1149179 wrote:I have a feeling this is something to do with latest W10 update

Yes, it seems to have erased access to the Realtek HD Audio Manager which is what I use to split the aircraft sound to the speaker and the ATC audio to the headset. I've been looking for solutions all day.
#520089 I was able to put all things back together. Looks like the mic is recognized in vPilot and I can hear the sound when I push the PTT button, before it was silent. Will try tomorrow to go live to test it.
My other problem was Kaspersky. It disallowed vPilot to provide voice or sound (don't remember what the message was). I had to trust vPilot back in order to start hearing COMMs.
By Morten Jelle 1012739
#520116 Some addons, require you to set the MIC on the radio panel, that could be the reason for that.
Without you being a little more detailed on what addons you use, it is hard to tell where the problem is, as it can be a missing setting in vPilot, a simple click in your aircraft or even something inside your OS.
David Gwynn 1403199 wrote:I can't transmit but can receive only. anyone know how to fix that?

If you use W10 check if all your audio settings in your PC are still the same. Several people, me including, noticed that W10 reverted audio devices back to default. in my case I had wireless headset set as my default device, after the update I discovered that default audio device was monitors speakers. I had to change it back. Also in vPilot settings my mic was gone in PTT tab. I had to assigned it back.
If you use Kaspersky it may disallow vPilot as any audio device. I had to exclude vPilot in Kaspersky and make vPilot as Trusted software.
See if this helps, if not, we'll keep discovering.