By Saul Garcia-Gil 978891
#536434 Hi Ross
I had not seen the PTT question, I usually have it set for a Jostick key.
I was all afternoon trying to configure with Netframe 4.7 and it didn't work, I installed Netframe 4.7.2, and it didn't work either.
Reinstall the Vpilot 2.1.17 and if it works very well
By Ross Carlson 887155
#536435 You will not be able to use any version prior to 2.3.0 after this Sunday when the new voice system launches.

Do me a favor and try this. Using version 2.1, set your PTT to a keyboard key. Then install 2.3.1 and see if it still locks up when you start it up.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#536731 Saul, one last thing to try ... install a fresh copy of vPilot 2.3.2 in a new folder, not the same folder you have used before. Something like C:\vPilot. I'm curious if a fresh install will run. If it does run, and it sends you into the settings window, do not configure a PTT. Configure everything else that you need to configure, but do not set a PTT device. Then close vPilot and restart it, and see if it still lets you run it.