By ZHENYU LU 1412066
#542279 Hi,

I was flying QW787 in P3DV4 the other day and there was two other flights heading towards me on the same airway but I can't see them on ND. They were on FL320 and I was on FL350.

FSUIPC's range was set to unlimited and vpilot range was set to 60nm. Transponder was turned to TA/RA, and TFC was on for ND.

The weather engine I was using created a haze on high altitude so I'm not sure if the traffic was injected into the game or not, but they are not displayed on my ND.

Anyone knows what might cause this?

By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#542283 I know there is a setting within PMDG that specifies only aircraft +/- a certain altitude range of your own should be displayed. I forget what it defaults to, but it might be 3,000 feet. Don't know whether QW has a similar setting. Not sure that helps, but, it may give you something to rule out, at least...