By lee Cushing 1266749
#548584 Hello,

Since the latest update I keep getting disconnected from voice, it often reconnects on its own, but other times it does not. This is happening almost very 10 minutes and becoming increasingly frustrating. I had no issues previous to updating to this version of Vpilot. I have tried all different servers without success.
By Tommy Engman 953135
#548689 Hi.
After the last update I have the similar issue. But also before and after update my vPilot freezes and disconnect both. This last half hour I have been sitting at EGLL with the heavy load of traffic there, merely connecting. I have been disconnected completely from the Vatsim network every seven minutes from which I could reconnect but also been disconnected and reconnected twice from and to the voice server. Currently vPilot is disconnected in frozen state with the CPU usage indicated to 31 % (FSX 24 %) and it is not possible to reconnect or close from the UI - have to shut it down via Resource Manager.