By Barrie Macleod 1288939
#466260 Ok, first off this looks like a beautiful app ! :)
I configured everything according to the config guide
and it all looks ok but I do not see any controllers
regardless of the server I choose.

Using FSX with Acceleration.

Messages are connected to simulator and connected to network.
Of course I get a "beep" with I push PTT.. {ie: no freq. chosen}

Any ideas ?

ps: I'm new to Vatsim.
Thanks !
By Anthony Pavlak 1058071
#466261 Are you sure there are any online?

Vattastic or VATSpy are what I use to see where controllers are online. If they're not online... Well, you're not going to see them.

You also need to place your aircraft in the same geographical location as the controller to see them in the list. The range varies for different ATC types.
By Anthony Pavlak 1058071
#466264 Well, again, if your aircraft wasn't physically near an online controller in the sim, you would not see the controller in your pilot client list anyway.

For example, at 1500Z perhaps New York Approach was online. However, let's assume you loaded your aircraft up in Bangkok, Thailand. You would not see New York Approach online, you're way too far away.

The links I posted above will show you ATC and aircraft activity on the network worldwide, so they're a much better indicator of where to go to get ATC services. The pilot clients for your simulator will only show who is nearby you, and that may be nobody.

EDIT: Since we're talking about 1500Z (roughly right now as I type this) I'll tell you that I can see Memphis Approach (MEM_APP), and Indianapolis Center (IND_34_CTR) are online currently and have been for at least an hour. If you loaded up at Memphis international, or Indianapolis International right now and logged in with your pilot client, you should see the overlying controller show up in your list.