By Wanseok Yoo 1285012
#466317 Hello, sorry for reading my poor english.
I'm very appreciated for developed and maintained vPilot. but that have small corruption, In Option and Connect, Flightplan Dialog Window is looks like have cutted bottom button at half. I have uploaded that situation's screenshot.
How about this? I'm running Windows 8.1 Core as Korean edition. It has 9pt height fonts, .Net framework 3.5/4.0.
well, Most softwares has their buttons to standardized postion and i would use just them by naturally pattern.
By Mike Nowinski 811269
#466443 Ross,

Thanks for the tip on lowering the DPI. I thought I had a work around as I have to set DPI to 125% because of visionproblems. I reset it back to 100% and all the dialog boxes showed up. I configured the settings as I liked, shut down vPilot, reset the DPI back to 125% and restarted vPilot only to find that some of the selection buttons on the main box are now hidden.

Will any attempt to correct this situation be made?

Thanks for a nice program.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#466533 The new version is now available which fixes the DPI/Zoom issue. The layout isn't quite perfect at all zoom levels, but it no longer cuts off the buttons and most of the text is no longer getting cut off. (Some text still gets truncated slightly at some zoom levels, but not at the common levels such as 125%.)

You should be prompted to download the new version when you run vPilot.