By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
[17:24:43] AAL637: sir there is something wrong with my pilot client and it will not let me squawk Mode C
[17:24:50] LAX_S_CTR: which pilot client are you using?
[17:24:57] AAL637: vpilot
[17:25:15] LAX_S_CTR: what happens when you click on the "Mode C" button at the top?
[17:25:35] AAL637: there is a bunch of errors
[17:26:12] LAX_S_CTR: can you copy/paste some of them?
[17:27:01] AAL637: SimConnect Error: Illegal_Operation 25
[17:27:47] LAX_S_CTR: Strange... are there any other errors?
[17:28:18] AAL637: SimConnect Error Out_of_Bounds
[17:30:04] AAL637: thats all
By Scott Norton 1241275
#467189 I'm willing to bet that this error is thrown if vPilot is launched before Free Flight is loaded (after clicking Fly Now, the loading bar reaches 100%). I just tried vPilot for the first time and got the same error. Perhaps next weekend I can try launching it after the sim is loaded.