By Julian Tally 984861
#466508 Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to say that so far, I love vPilot and it is (on my computer at least) frame rate friendly than FSInn. But, the problem I'm having is that when I connect, everything work but when model matching, I get a ton load of:

"SimConnect Error: Failed to create aircraft DAL665 using model "VIP_B734DAL". The aircraft will be created with a different model."


using model "WoA_FAIB_FSX_B737-700_W_SWA-Southwest Airlines Maryland One". The aircraft will be created with a different model.

I have WOAI and when connected to FSInn, most of the models matches, but with vPilot, I see a lot of default A321 & B737-800.

I don't know how to insert a image that I've taken of the error message and what I have in my model matching in vPilot, so I will just write it here what I have in my model matching:

Download Rule Set:

° World of AI US Airlines
° World of AI European Airlines
° FSX Default Aircraft
° Just Flight 2005
° My Traffic 3D
° Ultimate Traffic 2
° VIP Model Set

This list is the same as the Available Rule Set. I hope this isn't confusing and someone can understand what it happening.


Julian (DAL220)
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#466514 As stated in the FAQ, only install model matching rule sets for AI that you actually have installed. The errors are a function of vPilot searching for aircraft that you told it you had installed when you downloaded and selected those rule sets.
By Herby GORE 1217546
#466525 Strange... I had errors as well with the DAL call sign:
Code: Select allError creating object using model "F1UT2_744.DL.DL.Official".
I've checked the rules set (I'm using UT2) and everything seems normal. I made a test yesterday and had at the same time 2 B777 around me. One AAL depicted normally and the DAL which made this error and ended up being the default white aircraft.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#466527 When you see that happen, type ".debug" in the vPilot command line and a debugging window will appear. Click on the aircraft tab to see some information about how vPilot chose the model for each aircraft in the vicinity. Pay special attention to the type code column. A lot of times, FSInn users that don't have things set up quite right will report their aircraft type as "ZZZZ" and this will cause vPilot to show the default aircraft, because ZZZZ is obviously not going to match any standard rule.
By Herby GORE 1217546
#466532 This "ZZZZ" aircraft is so recurring that I think it is worth to modify the "SimilarAircraftTypes.txt".
This file is located in %localappdata%\vPilot
To have the ZZZZ aircrafts depicted as B737 for instance, just add "ZZZZ" at the end of the line for this aircraft type. The line should look like this:
Code: Select allB731 B732 B733 B734 B735 B736 B737 B738 B739 E737 ZZZZ
By Ross Carlson 887155
#466535 I would not recommend modifying the SimilarAircraftTypes.txt file, since it will get overwritten the next time I release an update.

If you really want to have ZZZZ aircraft rendered as a 737, just create a model matching rule.