By Martin Connor 1270685
#466654 It's an old one, but the only one I have, so I have created a Model matching set for it. One or two challenges, such as full aircraft type names instead of the standard B738 type, but I've mapped those I could work out.

Liveries can be out of date, but it's better than nothing.

Please could someone tell me where to send it for sharing?

Also, tried to join the forum that Ross sends you to from vPilot, but after two registration attempts, I have to conclude it is broken. Any members of that forum that could inform an admin?

By Ross Carlson 887155
#466659 Send the file to vatsim at metacraft dot com.

Regarding the vPilot forum, you said you concluded it is broken, but you didn't say what lead you to that conclusion. (Note that that forum works great for thousands of users of VRC, VAT-Spy, vSTARS, and vPilot.)
By Ross Carlson 887155
Martin Connor 1270685 wrote:Sorry Ross, it is the registration part of the forum I was referring to. I've made an attempt as connomar and mgconnor55 but neither sent me a link to my email.

Just because you didn't get the emails doesn't mean the forum is broken ...

I see in the server logs that both emails were sent. My guess is that they were trapped by a SPAM filter at your email provider.

I can manually activate one of the two accounts for you if you like ... just let me know which.