By Peter Noerkjaer 812239
#467654 Just a quick question to clarify:
When loggin on which parameters are used by other pilots to determine what to display?
Prefix in callsign = Company?
ACFT in connect window = model?

Or does my actual aircraft in FSX play a role?


By Don Desfosse 1035677
#467657 Hi Peter,

How you are seen by others depends primarily on the model matching they have set up in their client, and of course what you have logged in as.

The only thing that you can control is the callsign and the type aircraft you log in as. For example, if you log in (as too many people are doing, especially FSInn users, we see!) as an aircraft type ZZZZ, then unless other pilots went to the extraordinary step of creating a model matching rule for an aircraft type ZZZZ, you'd appear as whatever they have as a default or bad aircraft (vPilot FSX users would probably see you as a white A320, SB/FSInn users may see you as a paper airplane, etc.). So it's really important that pilots log in using a real aircraft type.

Callsign definitely is in play, as well. I'm sure you've looked at the vPilot model matching rules. For other vPilot users, vPilot goes through a pretty thorough process of trying to show you as a perfect, or at least very close match. So if you are logged on as a DAL B738, and I use a client that references back to a legitimate DAL B738 AI model, I'll see you perfectly. If you log in as a DAL B732, and I don't have a DAL B732 AI installed with a corresponding model matching rule set that looks for a DAL B732, vPilot will do it's best to show you to me as a DAL B73something....

For you, as a pilot using vPilot, assuming you have good AI and model matching rule sets, you are dependent on the other pilots to use a valid aircraft type, and hopefully a valid aircraft type for the callsign they are using. What you log in as makes no difference to how you see others (but it makes a difference to the others!).

Does that make sense?
By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#467663 Without getting too technical...

Note that what Don means by "[logging] in" as a given aircraft type, he's referring to the aircraft type code your pilot client sends to the network. This is not necessarily the same type code that will be stored in your flight strip as can be seen/modified by controllers - it's a separate piece of data that the pilot client sends, and it is not affected (at least, not by any current VATSIM client) by which aircraft you've actually loaded up in your simulator.
By Peter Noerkjaer 812239
#467718 Hi guys.

And so just to make sure, the info in aircraft.cfg og the aircraft I fly does not play a role.

The reason I am asking is that I the other day did a flight logged in with a KLM callsign and as B B738. But the actual repaint I used was something completly different.
So I just wanted to make sure the other pilots actually saw i KLM machine.

And then a huge thanks to Ross for vPilot! The model matching works really great.
When I arrived in Amsterdam around 10 other aircrafts were perfectly displayed "out of the box". Great!!


By Yu Xiong 1191126
#469541 ensure that you have filled in the Callsign and A/C Code correctly which will be used to match. Meanwhile, others should install AI packages and corresponding rule sets fully and correctly. if these conditions all reached, there should be no problems on which a correct AI model represents yours and displays in their FS.