By Michael Garrett 1110871
#467858 Hey got everything running.

How can i set it though so that it doesn't have to be the "active" window in order to transmit on frequency?
If i am using FSX as the "active window" on my primary display, then i can't transmit. So i click vpilot and then i lose the sound from FSX.

Also, when i do transmit.. my mic stays stuck "on" and i have to switch freq and then back in order to stop transmitting. :S

THanks ! :)
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#467915 Glad the PTT and transmit issues are resolved. As you've probably seen from other posts as well as the other thread where I just responded, since vPilot is an external application to FSX, the FSX sound will go away when you click on vPilot (for sending text messages, PMs, changing configuration, etc.), just the same as it would if you clicked on any other application (e.g. internet browser, email program, etc.).
By Ross Carlson 887155
#467921 There is no need to run the installer as an admin ... there must have been something else going on and it just appeared to have fixed it by running the install as admin.