By William Sequeira 1192651
#467928 First off, brilliant program. So easy to use and setup coming from FSInn. Does all I need.

One question, or help I do need with it though. Volume.
I have all sliders turned to the max, but still, pilots and controllers are hard to hear sometimes, especially when I am in my Dash8.
Is there a way to "Boost" spoken volume? Either by a hidden feature I can't seem to find, or by a edit somewhere? Again, my control panel and inside the program volume is maxed out.

Thanks! And once again, nice work on this program!
By Ross Carlson 887155
#468455 This is addressed in the open beta version. You can download it here if you are willing to try beta software:

Or wait until the beta version becomes a stable release version, which should be within a few days.